It is used for butyl injection to spacer bars

• HMI with touchscreen to control and check parameters
• Easy adjusting of automatic and mechanic settings
• Warning signals for easy working and preventing faults
• Energy saving by air driven hydraulic pump
• High speed
• Quick heating system
• Hydraulic cylinder design
• 7 kg P.I.B blocks
• Working speed from 20m to 57m
• Ready to work in 20-30 minutes
• From 6 mm to 30 mm width and height adjustable butyl nozzles under pressure
• Security systems in PLC control unit for safety
• Touchpanel with userfriendly human machine interface
• Spacer bar fixing wheels on the inlet and outlet sides
• Automatic adjustment of clamp activity and butyl beginning and stop when speed is changed
• Smooth and constant butyl injection by precise hydraulic system
• Auto-run system with timer
• Exact temperature controlling with PID control system
• Individually controlled temperature of butyl cylinder and nozzles
• Preventing loss of time with isolated butyl cylinder and nozzles that able to keep the temperature
• Easy cleanable silicone covered butyl belt
• 2,5 kw/h energy saving by air driven hydraulic pump
• Electrostatic powder paint coated steel body
• Possibility to work with 220 V
• Auto shut down

• Automatic nozzle clearance setting system
• Manuel nozzle height adjustment system
• Circular frame butyling