It is used for washing, drying glasses, manuel assembling and pressing between rollers.

• Welded rigid body made of A304 stainles steel and HRP quality steel
• Staple type , vibration free brushes for ɛ =0.01 quality Low-E glasses
• Special design for bearing system
• Rinsing with pure water
• Low energy consumption
• Lubrication free bearing system for brushes and conveyors
• 450 lt capacity stainless steel water tank
• Stainless water filters
• Ability of drying without touching the glass
• Surfaces which contacts directly with water are made of stainless steel
• User friendly control panel
• Special design for conveyor wheels to move heavy glasses
• Individual spindles for each brushes.
• Brush shafts are balanced against vibration
• Easy cleanable water nozzles are positioned with a wide angle f or drag effect
• Wiper rubbers and brushes between sections in the washing unit
• Water level control with magnetic safety sensors
• Automatic water support system with float control
• Conveyor system without touching to side carrier wheels at dryni g section
• Valve system for energy saving when there is no glass in drying unit
• Stopping of brushes and water pumps when there is no glass in the washing unit or conveyor
wheels are stopped
• Drying unit with noise isolation and fan cabinet with heat control
• Stainless water pumps
• Inlet and outlet filters for water pumps
• Ability of manufacturing double and triple glasses manually
• Delivery of second or third glass from outlet rack to spacer bar assembling unit with movable rack
• Carrying system of second or third glass on the spacer bar assembling unit with free wheels
• Height and depth adjustable side and lower aligners at spacer bar assembling unit
• Pressing by different pressures at vertical and horizontal axises between rotating rollers
• Adjustable period of pressing at vertical axis

• Completely stainless steel washing cabinet
• Water purification unit
• Sand filter with 25 micron accuracy
• Tilting table at the end of press unit
• Ability of manufacturing triple glass