As we are BEST MAKİNA, our policy is qualified human force recruitment in line with company objective and strategy, making an organisation which progresses with a common goal effectively with personnel satisfaction and providing continuance of BEST MAKİNA leadership in this sector. 

Human Resources and General Management in accordance with the policies specified above, the effective measurement / assessment test and inventories of acquired companies to imparting the right candidates with the use of objective and obvious evaluation systems by creating a successful performance for identifying and defining areas of personal development of employees to imparting competencies needed by employees, appreciation of the material and spiritual methods is responsible for ensuring the recognition and reward successful performance by implementing. 

BEST MAKİNA family consists of personnel who is

  • - Willing to improve himself and company;
  • - Nonabstainer to take on responsibility;
  • - Respectful to ethical values;
  • - Open-minded and idealistic.

Personnel which is described above is supported materially&morally and by administration and human resources,is provided opportunity for personel development and is awarded in case carrying on his/her career successfully.